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Because of Ms. Donna's background in the entertainment arena having worked with BET, MTV2, and various record labels and artist not only as a dancer/choreographer but as a background vocalist and songwriting as well, she can provide quality artist development for those trying to break into the enterainement industry.  She has worked with solo acts children to teens and some adults as well, trios, and groups.  Contact Apex for further details and to discuss your personal needs.

Artist Development


A wonderful way to celebrate your child’s special day!


The birthday child and his/her friends will learn a fun high-energy

dance routine and will showcase what they've learned to the parents at the end of the party! 

They will also play games and have contests.  


Having your party hosted by Apex Dance allows the parents, family members and friends of the birthday child the pleasure of enjoying the show while your party host keeps your guest entertained!

Most parents usually go enjoy the hour and a half "break" but are encouraged to return 10 minutes early for our performance.



Themes depend upon your birthday child's age, gender, and personal preferences.

You are welcome to suggest a preferred theme or idea:


Some of the more popular birthdays we've hosted have been:

Ballerina/Princess*, High School Musical, Hip Hop**, America's Top Model meets So You Think You Can Dance,

Yo Gabba Gabba, Shake It Up and more!  


  *Of course, the ballerina or princess theme usually inspires a room full of girls to come dressed in leotards and tutus.

Any comfortable clothing is fine, though.

**The Hip Hop party often draws a crowd in jeans, sneakers, hats, and fun, cool accessories because you just don't feel "swag" without the wardrobe!  

OPTION ONE: An hour & 1/2 party (1.5 hours) with Maximum of 15 guests (1-15) with 1 party host = $230.00

                       (Deposit of $125.00 will reserve your party date/balance of $105.00 due at party closure)

OPTION TWO: An hour & 1/2 party (1.5 hours) with Maximum of 20 guests (16-19) with 1 host and 1 assistant host= $260.00
                             (Deposit of $125.00 will reserve your party date/balance of $135.00 due at party’s closure)
OPTION THREE: An hour & 1/2 party (1.5 hours) with Maximum of 25 guests (20-25) with 1 host and 1 assistant host= $290.00
                             (Deposit of $125.00 will reserve your party date/balance of $165.00 due at party’s closure)



  • ​Studio space with mirrored walls, ballet barres, and ample space for both movement skills and a party space

  • A party host who will create the set up, teach the party, and assist with edibles, as well as assist with clean up and closure (large parties require an assistant host).


  • A Table for edibles and space for your gifts

  • Paper plates, plastic ware, napkins, cups and table coverings

  • Seating for up to 15 party goers and the Birthday Child (large group parties will require "picnic style" seating)



  • Invitations

  • Party bags or party favors

  • Cake or food

  • Refrigeration space for beverages or ice cream


Gratuity is accepted if you feel your party host and/or party assistant did an exceptional job.

Contact Apex with questions or to schedule your party!

Birthday Parties


Apex provides choreography for a variety of events including but not limited to:  video's, recording artist, talent shows, fashion shows, school functions, praise dance, drill team, performance groups, developmental acts, etc....  As you can see from Ms. Donna's Biography, she is more that qualified to handle any of your choreography needs.  Please contact us for more information and details on personal choreography projects.

Private Lessons


Private lessons tailored to your specific needs and goals are available upon request. 


One on One Sessions start at:

$49.00/30 min

$75/per 60 minute lesson

Small Group Semi Private Session (2-3 students) starts at:

$150.00/per 60 minute session 

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