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Visit our Registration page to register for classes

2023/2024 Registration opens June 1


Classes are held at:

5706 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 240, Dallas, Texas 75206


For more information on classes call:

(469) 577-4111

or Email:

Martin Weiss

The following two Ballet classes will be held at The Martin Weiss Rec Center:


Tuesday 5:00pm ages 5-7

Tuesday 6:00pm ages 8-12

1111 Martindell Ave, Dallas, TX 75211

To register for Martin Weiss classes, please call:

(214) 670-1919

The following Ballet class will be held at Lake Highlands North Rec Center:


Wednesdays 9:45am - 10:30am - Toddlers


9940 White Rock Trail, Dallas, TX 75238

To register for Lake Highland classes, please call:

(214) 670-7794


2023/2024 Schedule



4:00pm - Hip Hop Ages 8-11

5:00pm - Contemporary 8-11

6:00pm - Performance Group Teens/Srs*

7:00pm - Combined Performance Group*

8:00pm - Company Class*


4:00pm - Hip Hop Beg/Inter 7-10

5:00pm - Hip Hop Beg/Inter 10+ 

6:00pm - Ballet 10+

7:00pm - Hip Hop Inter/Adv Teen+

8:00pm - Company Hip Hop Crew*


4:00pm - Tap 8+

5:00pm - Contemporary 7-11

6:00pm - Jazz Funk Pre-Teens/Teens

7:00pm - Stretch & Strength Pre-Teens/Teens


4:00pm - Drill Team Prep 6-9

5:00pm - Lyrical 7-11

6:00pm - Contemporary Pre-Teens/Teens

7:00pm - Leaps & Turns Pre-Teens/Teens



4:00pm - Contemporary Age 5-7

5:00pm - Hip Hop 5-7

6:00pm - Mini/Juniors Company*

7:00pm - Contemporary 10+

8:00pm - Adult Hip Hop


4:15pm - Princess Ballet 3-5 (45 mins)

5:00pm - Ballet 6-9

6:00pm - Jazz Funk 7-11

7:00pm - Coed Acro 7+



4:00pm - Hip Hop 5-7

5:00pm - Boys Hip Hop 6-10

6:00pm - Hip Hop Beg/Inter 7-11

7-8:30 - Pre-Pointe'/Pointe' Teens* (1.5 hrs)


4:15pm - Teeny Boppers Hip Hop 3-5

5:00pm - Combo Jazz/Ballet 4-6

6:00pm - Musical Theatre Age 8+

2023/2024 Registration opens June 1

Fridays & Saturdays

Private & Group Lessons Only

*By Approval, Hand Selected OR Audition Only

Dance Rules & Attire


  • Arrive on Time.

  • Follow the given dress code.

  • No drink or food allowed in dance studio.

  • (Water bottles ok)

  • No gum allowed.

  • Do not wear street shoes on the dance floor.

  • Do not wear dance shoes outdoors.




Combo Classes: 



  • Age 5 & Under - Pink Leotard and tights 

  • Age 6-9 - Lavender Leotard and tights (pink or flesh tone)

  • Age 10+ - Maroon Colored Leotard (pink or flesh tone tights)

  • Pre-Teen/Teen Pre-Pointe/Pointe - Black Rock Valley Brand Leotard (pink or flesh tone tights)


  • Black tights/pants, white T-Shirt, dance belt and black ballet shoes.

Note:  Dancewear City carries our ballet dance curriculum clothing at discounted pricing - 7517 Campbell Rd., #407, Dallas, TX 75248 - (214) 238-7797 (No costume jewelry or baggy clothes)


Jazz, Contemporary & Modern Classes:

Leggings, tights, bike shorts, leotards, jazz shoes for jazz and bare feet, foot undeez or dance socks for Contemporary and Modern. (No street clothes i.e. jeans/jean shorts).


Hip Hop & Musical Theatre Classes:

Leggings, bike shorts, sweats, work out clothes,

T-shirts, leotards, etc (Non-restrictive clothing).
Tennis shoes

Dance clothes for all classes Required!  No street shoes i.e. sandals, flip flops, plastic etc. (unless tennis shoes for Hip Hop).


Note:  It is very important that your child is dresses appropriately for the class they attend.  Please follow the dress code provided! ~Thank You~


Tuition is due on the 1st of every month.  A late fee of $25.00 will be added to your account if not paid by the 1st of the month.



Tuition is a flat rate every month.  No pro-rated tuition or refunds will be considered for students’ attendance.   If a student is enrolled the parent will be liable for full tuition each month.  We observes DISD school calendar.  Some months have 5 weeks while others only 2 or 3.  Holidays are not pro-rated nor are there any additional fees for months with five weeks of classes.


If a student misses class it can be made up as long as tuition is current.  Make ups must be made up within two weeks and can be made up in any class Apex offers.

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