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Ms. Logan

- Dance Instructor / Performer

Logan Blount, born and raised in Louisiana, began her training with Theatre School of Dance. While annually participating in ballet examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance, she continued her training outside of her home studio every summer by dancing in various summer intensives with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City, San Francisco, and Dallas, TX.


Logan danced with Ad Deum II Dance Company in Houston, TX. After that, she completed the Independent study program and Scholarship program at The Ailey School of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre in NYC.


Currently Logan is dancing in Dallas, TX as a company member with Zion Dance Project.

Logan also takes care of our Facebook page . Apex Dance & Performing Arts. "Like" us today! 😊

Miss Logan

Ms. Lela

- Dance Instructor

Lela Mager, born and raised in Illinois, began her training at Heavenly Rhythm Dance Studio. She trained in various styles, including Vaganova Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, and more. She competed regularly, receiving many awards including Miss Senior Spotlight. Once she graduated, Lela moved to Dallas Texas to train with Zion Dance Project in their Residency program. She will be continuing her training with Zion as a 2nd year residency



Lela is excited to begin teaching at Apex. Her previous experience as a student dance teacher at Heavenly Rhythm Dance Studio underscores her ability to create engaging lesson plans that encourage learning in a supportive atmosphere. Lela's skills in improvisation, choreography, and

partnering enrich her teaching approach. With a knack for clear communication and a passion for dance, Lela is poised to inspire the next generation of dancers.


Ms. Taylor

- Dance Instructor/ Choreographer/ Performer

TAY DIGGS, a native of Baltimore, MD, began her formal dance training at Carver Center for the Arts and Technology and Towson University’s Community Dance Program; leading her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and Choreography and Certificate in Global Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has also completed training programs with the Ailey School, PhilaDanco!, and ArcDanz Mexico.


Post-graduation, she’s had the opportunity to dance with DBDT: Encore!, teach talented students in the DFW area, receive her barre certification, and perform works by notable artists such as Christopher Huggins, Rennie Harris, and Kate Skarpetowska.


Tay is excited to be continuing her journey in dance with B. MOORE DANCE and APEX!

Miss Taylor

Mr. Hayden

- Dance Instructor/ Performer

Hayden James McLelland, 25 years old, is currently in his third year as a working dancer. He is a Texas native from the small town of Burkburnett. His background as a performer stem from acting, dancing, and singing at TEXAS A&M - Corpus Christi where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2019.


His most notable dance experiences include an eight-performance run with “RENT the musical”, being a member of Zion Dance Project since 2019 and performing amongst the many talented artists in the annual International Bailando Dance Festival. Though he has been performing for several years, Hayden is only in his fifth year of dance. He considers the continuation of his dance training with ZDP to be a blessing and looks forward to what a future in dance holds.


Mr. Dar'ren

- Dance Instructor/ Performer

Dar'ren is an Entertainer/Dancer who has been dancing for over 14 years, his favorite style is hip-hop but he is open to learn and teach anything. He loves music and hearing new songs that make him want to get up and move. 

Dar'ren is a former Mahogany Theatre of Dance Dancer in the youth company, trained at Apex Dance and Performing Arts and was a principle Dancer/Actor in Jr Players FAME Production where he was scouted and signed by the Campbell Agency. Dar'ren has Danced For Hexbugs Robotics, other Junior Player Productions and there is more to come!!! 


Mr. Hans

- Dance Instructor/ Choreographer/ Performer

We are thrilled to have the dynamic training of Hans Ndam now at APEX. He wields mad skills in krump, hip hop, lyrical hip hop, contemporary, African styles, jazz, swing, and tango and he has a passion to impart these skills to young aspiring dancers. He creates a fun and exciting atmosphere in class while teaching dancers to take command of the stage and deliver awe-inspiring performances. 

Hans has many dancing and acting exploits under his belt. He has acted in films including The Sculptor, 8Days, The Works, and done commercials for Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Fan Duel Nation, and has been in music videos like Just Breath, One Love and Use Your Voice. He has danced at many local events such as Celebrate Fort Worth 2015, The Plano Dance Festival, and choreographed Problem of Pain 2014 and Boundless 2015.


Mr. Deivin

- Dance Instructor/ Performer

Deivin Velasquez has his Bachelor of the Arts degree with a concentration in Dance Studio Operations from Stockton University. Velasquez is continuing his dance training with Zion Dance Project.


Velasquez has professionally performed with the Stockton Dance Company and has worked with guest dance companies and artists such as The Tiffany Mills Dance Company, Lauren Putty White, and Meredith Rainey. Velasquez got the chance to be under the mentorship of Roger Lee and trained with the Roger Lee Dance Company.


Velasquez started dancing with roots in Hip-Hop and has embraced many other forms of dance including ballet. His love for dance is contagious, bringing smiling students back time and time again. 



- Vocal Instructor

Meet Sam, a dynamic musician and educator with a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Performing Arts from Georgetown University.

With over seven years of experience in vocal performance, guitar, and piano, has showcased his talents across jazz, pop, and musical theatre genres.

Sam has held key roles such as Musical Director for New Relic Theater in New York City and the Mask and Bauble Theater in Washington, DC, while also serving as the Musical Director of the GU Chorus.

Currently, Sam wants to inspire the next generation of musicians as a Music Educator at DAMPA.

Passionate and dedicated, Sam exemplifies the transformative power of music. 


Ms. Naomi

- Resident Choreographer and VP / Assistant Creative Director - Nonprofit Sector

Naomi is an established artist from Dallas, Texas who began her dance career at Shelly Dubois' Dance.  She has more than 14 years of experience in the field of dance ranging from ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop, and more.


Under the mentorship of Donna Murray, Naomi has had two years of experience as a teacher's assistant and has found her love in teaching.  After studying dance at Mahogany Theatre of Dance, Park Cities Dance, and Dance Industry, she has found her home at Apex Dance and Performing Arts and continues to grow in her artistic talent.


Over the past 3 years, Naomi has won numerous awards and scholarships for standing out in various dance competitions including Starquest National Dance Competition, Showbiz Dance Competition, Dupree Dance Competition, and many more.


Naomi believes that dance is more than a hobby, but an outlet and a voice. Through her dance experience and love for children, she is committed to ensuring a quality and enjoyable learning experience that will help your child reach their full potential!


Ms. Violeta

- Resident Choreog/ Performer

Violeta Neuman, born and raised in Dallas, Texas has been at Apex since she was eight years old. Transitioning from learner and performer, Violeta is very excited to begin her teaching career. As a student at Apex she was able to assist lots of classes, and that is where she found her love for teaching. 


Violeta has been training at Booker T Washington HSPVA for four years, and is now beginning her senior year. She has also trained at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Contemporary Ballet Dallas, Park Cities, and many more. She is looking to continue her dance education by pursuing a B.F.A. in college. Violeta also finds a passion for choreography, and has choreographed multiple pieces in student led performances.


Violeta is very excited to combine her love for children, and passion for dance. She is excited to be at the studio that she considers home, and influence the kids in ways that she was as a child. 

Miss Violeta

Ms. Laila

- Resident Choreographer/ Performer

Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, Laila Aranha has been dancing since the age of four. Laila has spent the last four years studying at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. She has taken part in over 21 works while studying at Booker T., several of them with renowned choreographers such as Alice Klock, Florian Lochner, Durante Verzola, and Helen Simoneau.

Laila has embraced her passion for choreography by choreographing five works. One of the pieces she created in partnership with Violeta Neuman, an APEX faculty member, was selected to be performed at the National High School Dance Festival in Pennsylvania.

Laila has trained with prestigious companies where she was honored to receive a scholarship to attend their advanced summer program. She is also a Dance Council of NTX scholarship recipient in modern dance. 

She is beyond thrilled to join the Apex family! 

Miss Laila

Captivating Performance of Bag Lady Choreographed by Miss Sanya
Dancers include our own Miss Sanya, Miss Naomi, and Miss Taylor

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